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Have you been wondering how to keep up & compete in the social media space?  Everyone is telling you that you need amazing content but what does that even mean & how do you make your content stick out from all the competition?  


There is a way to get more engagement and keep pictures from becoming boring.  By Utilizing today’s current trends in art and animation you’ll reach new record views, likes and engagement with your audience.  


What Exactly Are

There is certainly something quite captivating about Cinemagraphs that grasp your attention & lure you into them.  I can tell you they’re not quote a video & not quite a photo, so what are they?…  Cinemagraphs are a weird cross-breed of the two.  You take a still photo and bring certain elements of it to life, such as our example in the video below, where we were able to get the clouds to move in the photo, as well as add a few more moving elements.

Cinemagraphs are great not only for the social spaces, but also look great on websites, landing pages, email newsletters & even for advertising campaigns!  The possibilities are really endless when you have great ideas and an  imagination to bring it to life.  If you do not possess these characteristics, then just outsource to people like us who not only enjoy creating them but have spent hundreds of hours figuring out how to do them.  


Whether you learn the craft and design your own, or outsource yours to a creator, you’ll be happy to see how a well done cinemagraph can take your social media and website channels to new levels. Now get out there and standout with your new learned art form.  


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Behind The Scenes...

In This Video We Give You A Little Sneak Peek Of  The Complexity, Patience & Time That Goes Into Creating Some Of The Content We Produce Here @ TES Blog.  

This Kind Of Content In Particular In Called  A Cinemagraph (Essentially A Still Photo Brought To Life), Which Is A Form Of Content We Love To Create, Thst You’ll See A Lot More Of In The Future.

We Hope You Enjoy & Get Something Out Of This Video On “How To Make A Cinemagraph”. 

Don't Have The Time To Learn Or Make Your Own Cinemagraphs? TES Blog Will Create A Custom Cinemagraph For YOU Or Your Business That You'll Love!

Just Pick The Option That Works Best For You Below.


(1) Cinemagraph
$ 24
99 One-Time
  • 1 Custom Cinemagraph
  • 1 Included Revision
  • 1-2 Day Delivery


(4) Cinemagraphs
$ 90
00 One-Time
  • 4 Custom Cinemagraphs
  • 1-2 Included Revisions
  • 3-4 Day Delivery
  • 1 Social Media Channel Evaluation


(10) Cinemagraphs
$ 198
00 One-Time
  • 10 Custom Cinemagraphs Or Detailed Videos
  • 2-3 Included Revisions
  • 4-5 Day Delivery
  • Full Social Media Channel/s Evaluation
  • Researched Hashtags For Your 10 Cinemagraphs

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