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One Must Foster A True Entrepreneurial Spirit To Dare Start A Travel Company, Fashion Blog, Podcast, Or Compete In The Fashion Apparel Space In This Day & Age Against All The Great Ones In Existence.  

Although This All May Be True, We Agree They All Have Their Place & Niche’, & Collectively TES Brings A Little Something Extra That Will Set Ours Apart From The Rest.  That’s A Big Product Of Our Extremely Diverse, Yet Harmonious Life Experiences That Brought Us Together, With Similar Passions & Dreams To Bring Soul, Self & Style To Life & Share It With All Of YOU.


Great News!… We Have Some Great Hidden Content Available For Your Enjoyment (Only Viewable By Members On “The List”).  Our Hidden ENTERTAINMENT Page Is Up & Ready For You To View & Play With & There Are Some Cool, Hidden Curiosities On There, So Be Sure To Sign Up & Get Exclusive Offers & Updates  HERE

Once You Sign Up You’ll Be Sent A Secret Password To View Hidden Pages & Features Like The One Mentioned.  Don’t Be Afraid To Click & Play Around On There.  We Will Be Adding Cool Products & Services For You To Check Out As Well Along The Way.  For Now We Wanted To Give You Something Fun To View & Interact With (So Let Us Know What You Think)! 

With That Being Said, We Are Working Day & Night To Bring You The Most Exciting & Unique Blog & Shop In Existence. 

  On  “The List” ENTERTAINMENT  Page  You’ll Find Our Latest Interactive Feature Where You Can Vote On Which Feature You Like Best & Will Go Up On Our Instagram (Vote & Comment On Our Entertainment Feature HERE For A Chance To Be Mentioned On Our Instagram Post, Where We Have A Conjoined 65,000+ Followers).  

Come Along On This Adventure With Us As We Embark on A Journey & Help Inspire YOU To Your Soul, Self & Style Potential, With Our Love & Passion For TRAVEL, ENTERTAINMENT & STYLE. 

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Meet Stasia, Inspiring The "HERS"


Meet Carter, Inspiring The "HIMS"


Meet Chloe & Claire, Inspiring The "PAWS"

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