"Free People"

This Sign Can Be Found @ The Domain In Austin TX.
Since we have a Marine In The Household, every time we see any word with “FREE” In it, we’re reminded just how lucky we are to be able to live day to day without fear, eat in such lavish abundance & have the ability to express ourselves individually & to the public (just like this).
“FREE” means sacrifice to TES & we appreciate those still in the military, fighting & protecting those FREEdoms & our way of life.


We had a great weekend celebrating with some family in Austin.  Located in Austin TX, lies this featured entertainment destination called “The Domain” where you can find an abundance of great restaurants, boutique shopping & great people watching.  This sign “Free People can be found here, for your picture taking enjoyment (minus the cool animations). 

This Picture Is Dedicated To Carter’s Creative Little Sister McKenna, Who Will Be Starting Her Own Entertainment Social Media Channel In The Near Future & She’s Funnnnny Too! 

-TES Blog's Stasia & Carter

“Doing What YOU Like Is FREEDOM, Liking What YOU Do Is Happiness”

We would like to know if YOU have traveled, or lived in other areas of the world, what kind of experience did you get @ this country, that you couldn’t find/get here in the United States (positive or negative TES Blog would love to hear about your experience in the comment thread below)?


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