Chloe's 4th Birthday



Our TES Mascot, Chloe Turned 4 In Doggy Years (28 In Human Years) Yesterday.


Those Of You NOT On “The List“, Here’s A Short Sneak Peek & Teaser For The Cuteness To Come From The TES Mascots


This Video Shows Some Cute French Bulldog Birthday Shirts opening some Birthday presents.


(Double Click To see Full length video)


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TES Blog Features Epic Content From Travel, Entertainment & Style Inspiration & We’re Blessed To Have Such Amazing & Talented TES Mascots Right By Our Side Every Step Of The Journey.  

occasionally we’ll post a few Fun snippets of our cute TES mascots here on the blog for those of you who’m haven’t quite made it on “The List” yet, but we certainly look forward to seeing yOU on the other side, on the red carpet, in the know & reaping all the benefits of TES, such as OUR monthly giveaways, contests, featured content, interactive polls, a future TES Podcast & of course, behind the scenes footage & exclusives of the tES Mascots.

we know you’re filled with updates in your inbox but we’re quite certain ours will be the ones you look forward to receiving (If You Get On “the list“). 


Plus, a special giveaway to one “Listed” Follower @ the end of each month when we get going (how is that not a win-win situation…?).

So be patient with us as we’ll be opening the site during one of the greatest months of the year in Texas, October 2018 (fingers crossed) & we will keep you up to to date in the process. As an added bonus for those currently on “the list” as early adopters, we have decided to do something a little different than what you’re probably used to…

While site is under construction (by the tES team) TES will be granting you full access to view & watch the site blossom into the beautiful butterfly it will soon become (which we think would be cool to watch, personally) & YOU will hopefully love! This way you as the average viewer can to a small degree, understand what all goes into dreaming, building, & designing a website, store & blog from the ground up. 

 We will also be building a page specifically for those of you on “the list” (which does take a lot of passion, As well as additional cost, care & effort) because we want to not only show our gratitude to YOU, but also be able to really connect with you, our audience & friends, who help inspire us to keep going on our journey to inspire The Self, Soul & Style Within Each & Every One Of YOU.

We will be creating a Community Forum to encourage & inspire open conversation from all members of “The List“, including but not limited to group thought/idea sharing, advice, & q/a questions, all there for us to enjoy, connect & bounce ideas off of one another (sounds awesome!) as well as content made specifically for  “The List” followers. 

We can’t wait to get to know all of you & we appreciate you supporting TES Blog early on, you rock!

See more of the TES Mascots @ these IG 👇hashtags:
#TESmascots #ChloeClaireFrenchie#FrenchiesNFashion

Chloe also did some cool flips on her Birthday too, which you can see on our website under TES Mascots section soon. 

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