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Hey TES fans,

Happy Friday To You & Thanks For Taking The Time To Stop By, Interact & Be A Part Of Building Something Great & Exciting For You & Others To Enjoy (You Have A Say & Get To Be A Part Of The Process)! We Are Ecstatic To Announce We’ve Had Over 1,400 Active Members Subscribe To In The Short Span Of (3) Months, With Only A Homepage (Not A Full, Working Site) To Call Our Own. While We Are Excited To Bring YOU An Amazing, Fully Functional Site, There Are A Lot Of Moving Parts Required To Make This Site A Success & Get It Running To Full Capacity, So We Want To Focus On What Matters To You Most While We Bring This To Life Like Frankenstein.

We’re Not Doing things Like everyone else, In fact, This Is A Platform Where The Members Are Challenged & Incentivized For Their Involvement Within Our Active, Online Community. We Personally Want To Customize our platform to cater to you, so Just Remember Each & every comment, question & Constructive Concern counts. TES Blog Is Ready To Release Some Of Its Awesomeness, But Will Only Be Unveiling One Category @ A Time (TRAVEL, ENTERTAINMENT, Or STYLE).  This Way You Will Have Something New & Exciting To Look Forward To!

Which will it be?… Well, that’s where YOU Get To Have Some Fun & Come into play! Cast Your Vote & Enter For Your Chance To Win A FREE Gift Card.  Only Active TES Members That Participant In This Poll Will Be Entered Into The Competition, & One Random Participant Will Be Chosen For The FREE Gift Card.

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Have A Great Weekend & Good Luck!


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