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Who doesn’t love a good discount, free ice cream, or other sweet perks that come with a business, but what’s the catch!?  It all sounds great, but what kind of companies can afford to do this, or better yet…  

WHY? Well, when you think of transportation your mind would hopefully be filled with thoughts of quality service, trained, licensed and experienced drivers that leaves you with the feelings of trust and confidence to put your families’ lives in the back seat of.  

Traditionally this is exactly what you’d not only expect but actually receive from a standard transportation company like Men In Black Limo (a veteran owned & operated transportation company, providing limo, bus, & black car service globally)

Nowadays transportation has lost that mainstream thought for everyday rides, at the expense of saving a dollar.  

Now, Rideshare from “transportation Network Companies” (Uber, Lyft…) Have progressed into feelings of fun, excitement, and almost a sense of living on the edge for customers of these services. 

Some of These are the same feelings a gambler gets at the tables when he/she is about to roll the dice & that’s exactly what you’re experiencing with these ride-share companies your using (Uber, Lyft…etc).

They know just how to persuade you to think they’re reputable, using Justin Bieber and other celebrities in their ads & commercials as “real drivers” picking up actual customers. 

There’s a HUGE difference between actual reputation and interpretation. They capitalize on that interpretation aspect, as they have triumphed on creating a household name for themselves in our everyday lives, using these kinds of tactics to confuse our better judgment.

The vehicles and drivers they provide are “convenient” and just around the corner. But who Are these drivers lurking right around the corner though & Why are they so accessible? 

Most of these “drivers” are part-time workers, or in between jobs, and have had little to no experience driving people around professionally before they started driving for ride-share companies. They are waiting around hours on end to give you that ride down the street and aimlessly driving around the city, hoping to land you in their backseat.

That is what I would call a “roll of the dice”, as there is expected to be 10’s of thousands of these part-timers rolling around the city, with no formal drug screening, training, or fingerprint checks (in most cities), and basically no accountability. 

What this means is there’s really no guaranteed quality of service for you to count on. Check the formal ratings (typically 2.5-3 out of 5 stars) of these ride-share companies & see for yourself what people are saying. With all of this in mind… 

Is it really worth taking Uber/Lyft when your families lives are at stake?  Leave it to the professionals to take care of your family.

This is why the traditional transportation companies like Men in Black still exist, to provide you, your clients, & families with certified professionals who you can count on ahead of time. When you take no shortcuts to quality control, you protect the ones you love, at any cost.

You’ll get exactly that when you book with MIB;  Simple peace of mind knowing yourself, friends & family are safe, in the best hands. 

MEN IN BLACK CHAUFFEURS are recruited personally by former military personnel for their excellent track record (prior history driving professionally), and expertise in the transportation industry.

One Of The biggest perks booking with MIB is our commitment to excellent customer service; we go above & beyond to make sure we find the perfect vehicle, price point, and chauffeur for YOU!  

MIB has access to additional limousines & buses outside of our own fleet (using the most reputable companies around the DFW Area), which gives you a buying power advantage over using traditional companies, meaning MORE VEHICLES, MORE OPTIONS, & MORE MONEY SAVED.

It’s easy to see why MEN IN BLACK CHAUFFEURS has such high reviews & rated highly on social platforms such as Yelp & Facebook.  

See The MIB Difference For Yourself.  “Book With The Best; Book MIB.”

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