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This Is One Of Our Favorite Business Quotes That Really Resonates With The Way We Handle Our Clients @ TES. 

If You Know How To Bring Real Value To YOUR Clients (or have the respect to let them know what areas you may not be able to provide this in), YOU’LL Always End Up With Happy, Loyal Clients.  

Having & establishing a client relationship is exactly that, RELATIONSHIP BUILDING.  Do at least these 5 basic steps to Build A Lasting Business Relationship:
  1. You have to go that extra mile, & do the little things no one else is willing/thinking to do.
  2. This hopefully insinuates going out of YOUR way to make sure they’re taken care of at ALL times.
  3. Keep up to date with not only their business, but their family & personal lives as well (within moderation & on case by case basis). 
  4. Could also as simple as small, thoughtful gift giving when it makes sense (ex: box of cookies, spirits, electronics/gadgets, cigars,). 
  5. Listening for those little important details in your conversations with your client (be present & aware). 

The littlest things go the farthest distance when your building a professional, & respectful Business relationship, especially when the client knows you truly care & are listening.



  1. What Is The Most Important Aspect Of Doing “Good Business” In YOUR Eyes?
  2. What Is YOUR Favorite Business Quote?
  3. What’s The Most Thoughtful Gift YOU’VE Ever received From A Business Client That Really Changed YOUR Mind About YOUR Business Relationship With Them, That Did NOT Cross Any Boundaries?

***True Story ***

In the past, An Interesting Conversation starter & funny way We’ve Gotten In The Door With “Big, Tough To reach” Prospective Clients we’ve needed to book an appointment with, was By sending a delivery Service with a box & card to the office Of That Client That Contained a Remote Control To A Wireless Electronic Device & note that read “if you spare 10 mins of yOUR time, We’ll Happily Bring The Cool device That Belongs To This remote with us, for yOU To keep & Enjoy.”.  Granted, the company budget was not meant to utilize this unorthodox method for every Client, yet We aLWAYS Got the meeting When we Did & ALWAYS made for an Exciting & entertaining Introduction. 



Just A Quick Update!

Much going on here @ TES Blog as we’re working on launching our tesblog.com website that will make it so much easier for you to see all that TES Blog has to offer.

We’re much more than just a few good pictures 😉 & we’re ready to lead & inspire the world in all areas of TRAVEL, ENTERTAINMENT & STYLE.  

Join Us in our Journey To Bing soul, self & style To all of YOU!


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