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Canine Super Powers Include: Master Of Persuasion, Evasive & Elusive, Along With Ability To Get Out Of Sticky Situations With Compelling Stares & Belly Power Tactics.
Chloe is one for the books, blessed with special talents and an adventurous personality. 
Chloe loves being outdoors and tagging along on our adventures when the weather in Texas permits.
Something that makes Chloe extremely unique beyond her skin coat type, is her love and ability to do flips at random for cheerful spectators.
Stubborn Charm 

Will Do Anything For Belly Rubs 

LOVES To Do Front Flips

Stubborn Charm  



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Canine Super Powers Include: Quick Jukes, Intelligence & Wit, Along With Quickness & Speed (Despite Her Disabilities), & Ability To Make YOUR Heart Melt (Pew Pew).

Ultimate Sweetheart 

Claire is one of the most unique, Red Fawn French Bulldogs you will ever meet.  She has a heart of gold & a will that never breaks.
Claire was born with a rare birth defect that doesn’t seem to slow her down.
  She is a loving, playful Frenchie that loves to be social with all things with legs, and especially a strong petting hand. 
If you so much as even look her way she will be become overjoyed with happiness and attempt to approach your leg for a rub.  
*Will Go Out Of Her Way To Get Some Affection
*lLoves Extensive, Deep Tissue Massages (Who Doesn’t?)


🐒 🦌 🐻

Red Fawn French Bulldogs are a bit more rare as far as fawns go (range from cream light to dark reddish hues). They typically resemble the appealing coat color of a cute, little deer.



Brindle Pied Frenchies are known for their cow-like resemblance. They typically have a base white coat with black (pied pattern) spots on various areas of their face & bodies.

What Kind Of French Bulldogs Are Chloe & Claire?

There are a few different types of French Bullies out there, so how would one be able to classify the TES Mascots (Chloe & Claire), and what’s the difference? 

(Lets just get clarify before we make any distinctions... No matter what "type" of Frenchie you decide to get, THEY'RE ALL CUTE & YOU CAN'T GO WRONG!)  
  • Not one particular classification of French Bulldog is cuter than the other, or does it decipher what its personality will be like, they all have similarities in personality, but come with individual characteristics that will make them unique. 

  • In the end it all comes down to personal preference and if you find one with a personality you vibe well with (hard to find one you’re not going to like).

  • A bigger challenge for you will be fighting the urge to take every single one of them that you meet, home with you.  


Common characteristics of a French Bulldog

that you may be familiar with are their big, bat-like ears, broad upper body, wrinkly faces, and their short snouts that distinctly sound like that of a fat, happy pig (you either love it or hate it, but we can’t seem to get enough).  

Another common trait is the affectionate nature of Frenchies, as their primary intention is to love unconditionally… And maybe get a few belly rubs here and there. 

Regardless of Frenchie color, we promise you will never want to be without a French Bulldog after you’ve had at least one. 

Chloe, the Frenchie that looks like a cow one day, and a bunny the next, Is classified under the “brindle” (spotted) category as a skin coat type more closely named “Brindle-Pied” (white with black spots).  

Claire, resembling that of teddy bear & a deer, is a “Fawn” coat type French Bulldog.  Because of her reddish-brown hue, she would be more narrowly classified as a more rare type of Fawn, called a… You Guessed it, “Red Fawn”. 



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