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Thank You For Your Continued Service, Fighting For Our Freedom!

Below are GIF’s & different video sizes for you to share with your honored veteran this Veteran’s Day 2019. 

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Send & Share this inspirational &  supportive message with your beloved and honored military Veteran today, on Veteran’s Day to show them how much you appreciate their bravery & sacrifice to this great country.

TES Is Veteran Owned

One of TES’s own, Carter is a military Veteran that understands what great sacrifices Soldiers, Marines & Sailors alike are burdened with.  It’s a burden service members are happy to carry to ensure the freedoms we so fortunately have in the United States are protected and watched over. 

Having spent over two years overseas in combat operations throughout Iraq during OIF, Carter was blessed to come home safe.  He was honored to have served with multiple combat logistics battalions that aided in a tremendous amount of rescue, re-supply and re-building operations during this time, which helped many fellow service members and Iraqis in need. 

Please take the time to thank each & every military Veteran you know, as they have all contributed individually to helping us Americans sleep well and at peace each night.  We appreciate your commitment and bravery & wish you nothing but success in your military career, and safety from harm. 

Semper Fidelis
"Always Faithful"
William Carter
Heavy Equipment Operator USMC

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