Are You An Adrenaline Junkie & Love Breathtaking Views? 


If you’re looking for an adventure to add to your bucket list, canopy/zip-lining in the rainforest & mountains of Alajuela Province (Arenal Region) is an absolute “must do”.  

Is It Worth It?

We have to admit that zip-lining did not seem like the most thrilling of choices at first.  There are so many outdoor, adventurous excursions to choose from in Costa Rica (more specifically, La Fortuna Costa Rica) that we researched for weeks before making a decision, but we couldn’t have been happier picking this one as it was so much better than we could have possibly imagined.


Book In Advance.

For our second day in paradise we booked (in advance is suggested to get the appropriate time you want) the “Sky Trek Arenal” by Sky Adventures and were so happy we did.  We originally booked a package with both the Sky Trek (zip-line) and the extreme mountain biking course that overlooked the volcanoes and lake as well.  Unfortunately, the bike course was shut down for unknown reasons the day before we arrived at Sky Adventures, so we were not able to experience that while there.

What’s It Cost?

The cost of this attraction per person was $84.00 a person, but they do offer a student discount of $14.00 off if you provide an ID.  If you’re bringing kids to this site it is permitted and they can do some of the activities this park offers but there are age and/or height restrictions for the more dangerous ones (for the sky trek “ziplines” the requirements are a minimum of 3 foot 11 inches for each person).

Other Excursions You Could Try.

If you’re looking for other extreme options while in the Arenal park area there are many different tour options available.  From waterfall jumping, waterfall repelling, all levels of kayaking (beginners courses all the way up to expert), extreme bike courses, different ATV courses, hiking adventures and more.  

General & Helpful Guide Of Information.

If you’re looking into booking this excursion while in La Fortuna here is some general information that will help alleviate stress on your end & help get you booked & prepared for the adventure of a lifetime. 

Experience Rating



Sadly, transportation services are not included to Sky Adventures.  

They do have a affiliate transportation company that they outsource shuttle services to for an extended fee of around $17.00 per person (not including tip) for roundtrip service (not bad!).  

We ended up using a transportation company arranged and suggested by our hotel that was around $40, but either option would be safe & reliable. 


Do They Have Food?

Food is an important consideration while in Costa Rica, as most hotels are not all-inclusive, so you eat at your own pace and time in between activities, relaxation and eating can be limited (not many snack options available to take on-the-go). 

This place does have 2 restaurants available where you can gran a quick bite, so don’t worry about eating before hand if you don’t have much time (the food is descent). 

Make sure to bring a little cash with you for tipping purposes.  Not only will you want to tip your driver, but one thing we weren’t aware of before getting to the attraction was the person who gives you a light snack and fresh squeezed juice or tea halfway through this obstacle course, which was a nice treat (tipped this guy as it was refreshing and much needed).  


Excitement Level 

(For The Entertainment Enthusiast)

As mentioned before, we never thought in our wildest dreams that zip-lining in any country would be on our “top go-to” list…  But it is! 

On this adventure you’ll take a 30-40 minute drive from La Fortuna Costa Rica to and up the mountainside of the Arenal park, towards the attraction.

The drive is extremely bumpy, as the road conditions are quite brutal from city to city, but the scenery is to die for.  

TES Top Picks For This Adventure

If you want high quality footage while doing extreme activities, a Go Pro Hero 6 is the best bang for your buck (no need to get the 7), as it’s competitively priced around $250 with quick shipping.  Check out the video we took on this adventure while zip-lining through the rainforest!

Necessary Accessories For Zip-Lining In Costa Rica 

These accessories were crucial for Costa Rica’s tropical and humid climate.  The zip-line adventure is in the middle of a rainforest, so expect rain at any given moment (it did rain for 5-10 minutes off and on while on this ride) so do yourself a favor and get a waterproof phone case.  KEEPING YOUR PHONE SAFE & DRY IS A MUST AT ALL TIMES IN COSTA RICA (in-between and when you’re not using your phone).  Be sure to keep your phone battery charged on the go so you can shoot some amazing pictures along the way. 

Needless to say, being in a rainforest you’re surrounded by pesky mosquitos, so make sure to bring a few of the mosquito repellant bands for each day there.

The stretchy, bandana headbands were a nice touch since you have to wear a helmet that’s been worn god knows how many times.  Although the backpack can’t be taken while riding the zip-line, it came in handy for our travels to and from each destination so you don’t need to take a purse or worry about your phone, food, external chargers, cash, extra change of clothes, etc. getting soaked from the random down pours.  We practically used the waterproof backpack for the duration of the trip. 

Waterproof, Breathable Shoes
(as seen in pic below)

The Perfect Footwear For Zip-Lining In Costa Rica

These water-safe, breathable shoes were the perfect fit for most of our Costa Rica Stay.  Good cross between sneakers and sandals, they were durable enough to take on short hikes around the resort, walking around the hot springs, and on our zip-line adventure as pictured above. There’s a lot of gravel, and rocks in between walks and you don’t want to have to take your shoes on and off all the time, and sandals just don’t cut it.  We brought two pair each (suggested so you can let one pair dry and throw on the other in the meantime) on this trip and ending up being the most appreciated investment. 


Video Of Our Adventure Here

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  1. It was hands down the best trip I’ve ever experienced. This is what really inspired me to start this magnificent Website to be Zach! I appreciate your comment and look forward to seeing more of “Zachs Life & Kitchen” in the future, stay strong!


  2. Looks like a great time. Need to try and talk my wife into something like this.

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