Travel Review Breakdown Of La Fortuna Costa Rica

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La Fortuna Costa rica

Enjoy Out Travel Review About Our Stay At A Resort Tucked Within A Natural Rainforest, Next To The Arenal Volcanoes.🌋 

With Plenty Of Natural Hot Springs, Extreme ATV Tours, Zip-lining & More Costa Rica Has It All.

Find out for yourself why so many people choose to retire here.  

From the lush green nature of the jungles, hidden natural springs, and beautiful weather year round.  

Book your travel & experience Costa Rica for your next trip!



If This Is Your First Time To Costa Rica, You’ll Want To Think Carefully About This Decision!

Costa Rican Roads Roads Not Enjoyable Like Their Coffee & Scenery.  The Conditions Are Tough & At Night Almost Impossible To See Through The Fog.

Rentals Could End Up Costing You An Arm & A Leg, Even Thousands Of Dollars (real dollars, no joke) If Damages, Or Rental Contracts Are Misunderstood.  

We Decided To Go With A Professional Van Service That Picks You Up & Drops You Off @ Your Resort.  Our Experience Was Awesome This Route & Highly Suggest Doing This If You Are Not Planning On Driving All Over Costa Rica. After Days Of Research On This Topic We Went With A Company Called “Morpho Vans”. 

They Gave Us A Very Safe, Prompt & Reliable Service Experience.



For Flights To Central & Latin America, Especially Plane Trips To Costa Rica, We Have Always Went With Avianca Airlines As Our Preferred Airline Company.  

Seemed To Have An Ample Amount Of Leg Room & Human- Separator Space (That’s Always Important), Great Entertainment Options.

The Headrest In Front Of You Has An Interactive Screen With Games, Popular Cinema Movies, One Hot Meal, & Complimentary Snacks Are Always Provided. 



If You’re Looking For The Wow Factor Resort To Stay At In Or Around La Fortuna, Like We Were, Then You’ll Want To Book Your Next Vacation At The Springs Outdoor Volcano & Hot Springs Paradise Resort.

You Won’t Find A Place Like It.  This Is A Resort High Profile People Escape To, Like The Kardashians. 

You Feel Like You’re Living In The Jungle, But Feel Secure & In Touch With Nature Staying At This Getaway Resort.

“We Felt Like We Were In A Dream The Entire Stay, So Surreal.” -Stasia




Rated 4.8 For Awesomeness

For Entertainment We Decided To Do The Adventurous Activities While There.  

We Did Extreme ATV’ing Through Small Village Side That Surround the Volcanoes/Jungle, As Well As The Much Appreciated Volcano Ziplining Tour.  

We Also Explored The Resorts Own Hidden Preserve, Where There Are Romantic & Exciting Hot Springs & Jungle Areas To Explore. 

I Don’t Think We Expected To Enjoy Our Excursions As Much As We Did!



For This Trip We Ate At The Resort Most Of The Trip (Just Because The Food Was Rated So Highly) & We Did Not Get A Chance To Explore Outside Of It, Other Than The Expeditions We Decided To Meddle In.  The Resort Food Was Incredible & We Suggest Eating Most Of Your Meals In The Less Ritsy Restaurant, As The Not So Formal One, Is Obviously Much More Comfy Atmosphere, But The Food Is Just As Good (& Not Much Different) From That Of The Upscale Restaurant.



Not Much Nightlife To Report In Costa Rica For Our Trip, As The Resort Bars & Restaurants Close Down A Bit Early (By 10 PM) And Is Not Suggested To Go Out Exploring At Night.  

Our Focus For This Trip Was To Be Adventurous, Explore The Nature, & Appreciate The Amazing Views The Country Had To Offer.

We Were Drained From The Excursions Even After The 2nd Night, So We Advise You Hydrate & Not Drink Too Much On This Trip, If Doing The Hardcore Activities.




We Rated This STYLE Score A 2.5 For The Amount Of Time & Consideration You Should Put Into Planning Your Trip To Costa Rica.

If You Plan On Doing Excursions (Hiking, Biking, Waterfall Repelling Or Jumping, ATV’s, Rafting)  Then Taking Comfortable & Durable Clothing That’s Meant For Each Activity, Is Important To Consider.

We Also Bought A Lot Of Trek Gear, Preparing For Being On Hikes In The Jungle, & Gadgets To Keep Our Phones, Cameras & Money Dry.

Waterproof Cameras, Bug Repellant Bracelets, & A Lot Of Little Accessories Were Also Considered For This Trip.


(1 Being Difficult To Pack For 5 Being Very Easy )



Outfits Choices To Consider On Our Trip:

Rated 3.4 For This Trip Being A Little Tricky To Think Of & Need To Pack, Especially For The Ladies.

  • The Perfect Outfit For Sudden Rain In Costa Rica
  • What You Wear To Outdoor Breakfast Views, Next To Volcanoes
  • What To Wear In Your Hotel Room
  • What To Wear After Dinner In An Indoor/Outdoor Hotel
  • Exotic Date Night Fashion Costa Rica
  • Swimsuit For Costa Rican Vacation
  • Combination Of Different Styles For A Costa Rican Dinner At Your Resort
  • Long Flight To Costa Rica Outfits, With Changing Climates
  • What To Wear On A Costa Rican Excursion

(1 Being Challenging To STYLE For 5 Being Very Easy To Collaborate Outfits For)



Chloe & Claire Have A STYLE All Of Their Own:

Wuf Spa & Resort Rated 4.3 

Since Our Frenchies Can’t Come With Us On Many Plane Trips, We Send Them On Their Own Vacation, To Different Spa & Resorts & Review That As An Added STYLE Review Just For Fun. (;

  • Live Cameras For Viewing Your Dogs At All Times, Which At Times Did Not Work, But Was Nice To Have.
  • Great Customer Service & Dog Monitors Working At This Dog Resort.
  • Indoor Facility With No Outdoor Area (Good For Frenchies).
  • The Bathing Service Is Amazing 
  • Always Leave The Day Care In STYLE, With A Different Color Doggie Bandana On.

(1 Being Challenging To STYLE For 5 Being Very Easy To Collaborate Outfits For)


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