Is A French Bulldog Right For You

Frenchies Are A Blessing But Come With Additional Level Of Care & Responsibility Than You May Be Used To.

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The World's Gone Frenchie!

Frenchies!  Who hasn’t heard of these adorable creatures by now?

A French Bulldog is a special dog breed so distinctive in character, appearance and demeanor that the public interest, popularity and social demand for them has grown exponentially for in such a short span of time.  These insanely cute, cuddle-lovers look like a variety of unique animals that keeps them interesting & exciting to look at for years to come. 

A few animals you could compare a Frenchton’s resemblance to include some of the cutest critters on the earth, like koala bears, cows, polar bears, pigs, sharks, deers, pandas, and yes, even pugs, our ear-inferior cousin-breed that what we still get mistaken for but still adore.

Never seen one before?  Here’s a mugshot…



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Frenchies are known to be well mannered in the “barking department”.  This means they are well behaved in public settings and typically don’t leave annoyance. 


Bullies make noise to help and make for great alert dogs as they inform you of unwanted guests, and potential nearby threats. 


Ok, they are obviously cute, so what's the catch?

You know what side we’re on, we love our Frenchies and we encourage people to consider them as a great option as a pet, but it’d be unfair to stay quiet about their issues especially if you’re looking to take one in.

This may not be an “issue” to everyone, but for many interested in adding some FUR STYLE to your life, French Bullies come with a hefty price tag. They don’t come cheap at all. The average French Bulldog puppy that is pure in breed will cost $3,500 – $5,000, while top-pedigree, rarer coat types, and quality bloodlines can range from $5,500 to $10,000.       

This cost is for the pup itself, and does not begin to cover the basic necessities that you’ll need to purchase before you can take that puppy home.  Before you leave the pet store you’ll need to grab the highest quality food for them, training crate, treats & potty pads (lots of those!), hip and joint supplements, grooming tools, and maybe some toys if you’re a good fur-mom/dad.


What Kind of Dog Problems Are We Talking About?

No doubt about it, French Bulldogs have serious breathing problems due to their short nose, and squishy face, which breeds are known as brachycephalic. This means they have shorter snouts than most other dogs, which also makes them more susceptible to temperature sensitivity (heat and cold intolerances), and Chloe & Claire live in TEXAS, which adds a bit of difficulty to raising and keeping them healthy, as well as happy and social. 

Other sniff-worthy problems would include their inability to safely fly on airplanes, because of their brachycephalic nature. Their inability to breathe easily becomes almost impossible in high altitude, which coupled with high anxiety, stress, as well as uncomfortably warm temperatures that can all be fatal.

There are a few airline companies such as American Airlines that have taken into consideration pet travel  accommodations and implemented special cabins designed with your pet in mind.  There are companies that will seven safely transport canines like your Frenchie, or a pet with special needs via airplane, but honestly we have not made the attempt, as the risks are too high for us personally, and if someone asked me to put my loving French Bulldog other than under or in my lap due to a few pounds difference, then we’re getting there another way, as I would want to monitor their sensitive breathing the entire way, and keep them relaxed. 


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Has anyone flown with a Frenchie before (or decided not to) & if so how was your experience (let us know In the comments please & thanks)?

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Does A French Bulldog Make Sense For You To Have As Your Household Pet?

These factors are important when your trying to figure out whether or not you should buy a Frenchie, or possibly a more low maintenance dog, we’re just here to give you the info, as little health concerns like this usually translate to extensive, and expensive vet visits, and top-quality care along the way.  Let’s be honest, you don’t think your vet knows how much one costs, and are thinking your pockets should correlate? Food for thought.

French Bullies generally enjoy walks with their families but in warm weather, they need to be kept inside most of the time. On really hot summer days if you stay in a place like Dallas Texas where we live, you’ll have to do everything humanly-duty possible to keep the French Bulldog puppies happy and exercised, yet kept cool enough, and not overworked… I think you get the hint, it gets tricky to prevent overheating with these doggies. Plus, extended periods of walking can be bad for their hips and joints.

As briefly mentioned, with a French Bully you’ll want to use good judgement, as well as experiment by trial, to find the best routine for your dog that meets their recommended, daily nutrient requirements, as well as keeping the fats down, and account for the many times you’ll “give in” and give them just a tiny treat here and there, to show your appreciation for the love they bring you on a daily basis. 

So just a heads up, their “prone to pudgy comments” frame makes them predisposed to judgement and possible chuckles filling the air as you approach with their bulky and bullish figures, but don’t be alarmed, it’s the laughter of love and excitement, as only Frenchie owners come to learn, and accept.  We sort of enjoy the kick they get out of being seen and how much they love people showing any sort of attention to them, they just cannot get enough).

Frenchies cannot swim like many dogs naturally can, thanks to their build. You’ll want to keep watchful eyes on them when you’re on that beach vacation or relaxing in the pool. They may feel a bit left out, but it’s a small sacrifice to pay for their well being, unless you’re coming with the proper accommodations for a day like that in the sun, which should include shade, lots of water with a non-metal bowl, some baby wipes (aren’t they good for any situation as a parent?), and possibly some sort of ointment for their paws and nose, to keep moist.

These are just a few of the Frenchie facts we know from owning two of the cutest Frenchies ever, but overall, Frenchies remain terrific canines. And if you’re interested in learning more fun facts about the French bulldogs from actual, firsthand experiences, you can check right here and in subsequent Frenchie blog posts.

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We'd Love To Hear What YOU Have To Say About This Blog Post In The Comments!

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